Salman is the Founding Associate of the Cnergi project. He has a PhD in Psychology and is Chief Consultant at Living Institute, and External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen. Having done his doctoral research on self and identity and having lived and worked across South Asia, the Middle East and Europe, Salman brings his academic knowledge of Psychology and his practical experience of living in diverse cultures to his work with personal, organizational and community development.


Ivan Häuser is a PhD in linguistics and a management consultant with expertise in the Psychology of Leadership and Organizational Development, Prevention of Stress in Organizations, Language and Culture, and Change Management. He is a certified stress coach and has vast consulting and training experience with government ministries, public institutions and private companies. Ivan is fluent in Danish, English and Russian and has also been a project manager for the EU and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia and Kazakhstan.


Ingrid is an authorised psychologist. She has been working as a practicing psychologist for more than 40 years. She worked as a Chief Psychologist in the Danish public system for 30 years, mostly for children in schools and nurseries but also as a therapist for families. She has being practicing and teaching meditation and mindfullness for more than 30 years. Today she is running a small private clinic for all kinds of people, but especially for children and grownups suffering from anxiety.

We are a network of individuals from diverse backgrounds brought together by our shared interest in the development of humans and human systems, in deepening human relatedness, and in furthering more inclusive organizations and communities. 


With a background in music and the performing arts, Jens brings a unique tool-set of competencies to the world of organizational and leadership development. He was formerly Partner at Bananrepublikken A/S, Educational Project Director at Art Lab, CEO at VEGA, and HR Director at Bang & Olufsen. Jens is a member of the Association of Master Trainers using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Holding a diploma in Leadership and certificates from INSEAD and Wharton Business School, Jens specialises in  strategic alignment, helping organisations identify and develop their shared vision, values and unifying principles.


Naraya is the graphic designer of the Cnergi project. She studied Graphic Design in Italy where she worked at a Marketing and Web design agency in Milan as an intern. She is currently finishing her Bachelor in Business Administration at Roskilde University. She continues to work as a freelance Graphic Designer along with taking part in the Cnergi project while she finishes her studies.  


Oliver took part in co-creating the Cnergi project together with Salman Ahmad during the early stages of the project's timeline. Next to his engagements with the Cnergi project, he was finishing his Bachelor's in Business and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School. Oliver has had experience studying, living and working in South Korea, Australia, France and Denmark. Oliver is currently doing his Master's at Emlyon Business School in France where he is also involved in developing a happiness app called Jours.


Mikkel took part in co-creating the organizational structure of the Cnergi project and developing the SEED personal development process. He is currently finishing his Bachelors in International Studies at Roskilde University. Before starting university, Mikkel traveled, worked, and lived in Australia for a year and has travelled extensively both within the EU and overseas. He argues that a prerequisite to solving the transnational conflicts we see around us is fundamentally changing how we interact with each other and ourselves to create a more inclusive world; Cnergi sits at this exact opportune and important place.

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