Inclusive Identities Lab

A practice and policy lab where researchers and practitioners working with inclusion and integration are brought together in a 1-day to a week long facilitated process allowing for the emergence of powerful and informed policy initiatives as well as research agendas.

The Art of Dialogue

Have meaningful and transformative dialogues between various ideological positions.  Engage in a deep exchange of opinions without entering into a defensive debate on these positions. Deepen your sense of relatedness with the other across significant differences.

Narrative Retelling

Experience another's reality through an experiential immersion of the self into the identity and experience of the 'other'. A powerful empathy building process that transforms the inner experience of the 'other' and thereby positively impacts one's sense of relatedness with the other.

Research Communication

Presentations on cutting edge research around identity and inclusion that impacts the experiences of belonging and security in communities. These could be talks, brief workshops or creative installations in exhibitions and fairs. 


For our Community Development Projects

Our advisory board consists of individuals with deep experience in studying and/or working with human identity and relatedness. We draw upon their knowledge and wisdom and seek their theoretical and practical inputs in designing our community development interventions that are focused on deepening a secure relatedness with the self, the other and the world around us.   


The Advisory Board Members for our Community Development Projects are:


  1. Anastasia Bukashe from South Africa – Priest and Psychologist and a former radicalised member of the military wing of ANC with hands-on experience mediating in violent conflicts.
  2. Barry Oshry from the US – Social Educator, known for being the creator of the Power Lab, the Organization Workshop and the When Cultures Meet Workshop and the founder of Power & Systems.
  3. Catarina Kinnvall from Sweden – Professor of Political Science, Lund University; Editor in Chief of the journal Political Psychology, known for her research in nationalism and ontological security.
  4. Dan Zahavi from Denmark - Professor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen and the University of Oxford, known for his research in phenomenology, philosophy of mind and cognitive science.

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