Do you want to:

  • Gain more clarity on your inner values and life purpose?
  • Construct meaning by transforming negative experiences?
  • Enhance your ability to deal with conflict and stress?
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships?
  • Overcome self-defeating patterns of behaviour?


Then you might benefit by participating in our SEED personal development process.

SEED is an evidence based process that has been developed based on research around human resilience and well-being. It focusses on empowwering individuals to deal with the challenges of change and uncertainty that seem to increasingly characterise our lives.

Assessments of the process show that:

  • 40% of participants reported improvement in sleep quality after the process; 55% reported further improvements 4 months after.

  • All participants reported significant improvement in overall psychological well-being (on self-acceptance, purpose, positive relations, environmental mastery and autonomy); This change is maintained after 4 months.
  • 77% of participants reduced substance intake (tobacco, alcohol etc) after the process; 76% experienced a further decrease after 4 months.

  • All participants show a significant decrease in negative unconscious bias towards others after completing the process; Changes are maintained after 4 months.

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